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13 top Australian food blogs

These are the Top 13 Australian Food Blogs.

1. RecipeTin Foods

This Australian top food blog is more than just a great resource for delicious recipes. It’s also a tutorial in how to make blogging a full time job. RecipeTin eats founder Nagi Matsui used to be a highly paid employee in the financial sector before she decided to pursue her culinary passions. Maehashi’s website is a treasure trove of inventive recipes that will suit any occasion or appetite.

2. 2.Man of Many

Man of Many is the place to go for all the latest information in style, food and culture. We are more than a lifestyle website. We are creative-minded food lovers with a passion to all five senses. We are committed to sharing stories about food and lifestyle that will engage, entertain, and empower. Since our inception in 2012, we have gained a loyal following of forward-thinking and information seekers. You might find something new in our articles about food.


3. My Korean Kitchen

Have you ever tried bibimbap before? Bulgogi beef kimchi pancakes? stir-fried spicy squid? Korean cuisine is incredibly satisfying and you should try it. Sue, a Brisbane-based chef and blogger My Korean Kitchen offers Korean fusion and traditional Korean recipes that will blow your socks. We warn you, however, that you may find yourself talking about food all the time if you follow this delicious path.

4. Not Quite Nigella

Lorraine Elliot, a Sydney native and published author, runs Not Quite Nigella. This is one of the most popular Australian food blogs. Lorraine is infectious in her enthusiasm for food and her infectious personality. Follow her adventures around the city and discover new and exciting eating places. You’ll be satisfied and happy no matter what.

5. How to Cook It

Ann Reardon, a Youtube star and confectionary expert, is known for her endless supply of delicious and creative ideas. Ann shares her favourite Aussie food blog How To Cook That. There Ann posts videos, single-page recipes, and occasionally reviews of products. Ann’s blog is a great resource for anyone looking to create a dessert everyone will remember days later.


The Aussie food blog Baking Play Smile has a beautiful layout that evokes a high-end bakery. The blog was started by Lucy, a former teacher and mother. It features both traditional and innovative dessert recipes. There are also some delicious savoury dishes. It’s all about the legendary desserts that taste just as good as their looks. Kahlua Cheesecake Balls without the need to bake, anyone?

7. Sugar Et Al

Sugar Et Al will show you the best desserts, which take pastry making to a new artistic level. This photography is exceptional. It’s almost like you are looking through the pages of an old, reputable epicurean magazine. This blog is one of the most popular Australian food blogs online. It’s also sugar porn.

8. Wandercooks

Laura and Sarah began their blog after being recommended by family and friends. Laura and Sarah’s challenge for 6 months to cook a new recipe every night was witnessed by them firsthand. Their friends and family were so amazed that they encouraged them to start a blog to share their learnings. We are all able to enjoy their culinary discoveries and favorite delicious creations. The adventure began in 2015, when the couple set out on the largest adventure of their lives. They spent 12 months exploring new cuisines and creating delicious world recipes in 100+ cities across 30+ countries. They stayed as close to the locals as possible during their trip. It’s sometimes called ‘couch surfing’ but the couple prefer to call it “cook surfing”, where they learned a few recipes. We can share some of their experiences and lessons from their journey with the Wandercooks right in our own homes thanks to the Wandercooks.

9. The World Loves Melbourne will cover it all. The site provides coverage of the top restaurants, bars and hotels, as well as hosting its own top foodie events.

10. 2 hungry guys

They are Joe and Luke and live in Sydney. They are unstoppable hungry and travel to the best places in the city and the world. These two handsome men are enjoying their meals at a variety of places, including burger joints, noodle bars, and cocktail lounges. They also take photos to show it. The blog then features each adventure, along with professional and approachable writing. After visiting their Instagram, you’ll want to hang out with the 2 Hungry Guys!


He’s not busy covering Sydney’s local scene. Instead, he travels the globe and stops to try everything. This means you can find cheap food and high-end cuisine, and everything in between. This is all made possible by brilliant photography and informative writing. You might also stumble upon a great recipe to try at home.


12. What Katie Ate

Katie Quinn Davies is her name and she makes Australia proud. She loves food, photography, and travel. If you are curious What Katie Ate, she will be happy to share her secrets with you. You can buy one of her books, or visit her food blog which is easily the best in Australia.

13. Cafe Delites

Cafe Delites is brought to you by Karina, a published author who can invoke hunger with just the power of photos. Karina is happy to share the often healthy and painless recipes behind each photogenic creation. Keep your eyes off of this popular Australian food blog.


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