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The Most Famous Australian Cuisine: Australian Food

You will find typical Australian cuisine while traveling through Australia. You should definitely try it while you’re there! You can find meats and chocolate biscuits in supermarkets. These are some of the most popular Australian foods you should try.

Popular Australian Food

1. Vegemite

Vegemite is the most popular one foreigners discover and, more often than not, they hate. Regardless of how many people say it is disgusting, you should at least try it once. It’s a acquired taste, I suppose.

What is Vegemite, you ask? Vegemite, a dark brown paste made of various vegetables, yeast extract, and spice additions is called. It is a little like marmite in the UK, which has the famous “love it or hate” advert. They acknowledged that not everyone loves it. It’s best eaten on toast or bread with butter. It is also popular in Australia with avocado, melted cheese and tomato. Vegemite is disgusting. It smells and tastes horrible. It tastes like syrup but it is very salty and not sweet. It might be something you love.


2. Fairy Bread

This one is a bit strange, and you won’t find it unless your child happens to be at a children’s party. Fairy Bread is white bread with butter strewn with thousands of tiny beads!

3. Tim Tams!

Every backpacker who has travelled through Australia will have had the chance to try Australia’s most beloved chocolate biscuit, the Tim Tam. After a sea kayaking trip, I tried my first Tim Tam and it was delicious! It’s difficult to not eat another one after you have had your first Tim Tam. You must get addicted.

One of the sea kayak men told me that the Tim Tam slam is the best way to eat them. Simply bite off the corners of the Tim Tam, then enjoy a cup of tea, coffee or hot chocolate. You can use the Tim Tam to serve the drink as a straw, and then eat the biscuit. You can then eat the soft, warm (warm) biscuits before your drink gets too soggy. chocolatey goodness. MMM.

4. Meat Pies

This next Australian dish is very unusual for Americans. It was even featured on an episode of Amazing Race, and competitors couldn’t stop giggling at the disgusting taste! What is the worst American food? It’s the Aussie Meat Pie. It’s not a strange concept for most people, but Americans are used to eating pies with fruit and as desserts so it seems a little odd to eat a meaty dessert.

Pies are a popular snack that you can eat while on the move. Nearly every corner shop, bakery, and supermarket will have a case with a variety of hot meaty pie options. You can even find specialty pie shops! There are many savoury pies that you can purchase in Australia. They are typically stuffed with minced meats, gravy and mushrooms, onions, cheese, and sometimes even onions. This is a great snack for after a long night of partying (better then a kebab!) After dancing and drinking, you’ll be sitting on the sidewalk waiting for your taxi home.

5. Anzac Biscuits

ANZAC is the Australian and New Zealand Army Corps who fought together in WWI. AnZAC Day in Australia is a public holiday to honor the men who fought for their country. These delicious ANZAC biscuits were made by the wives to send to their husbands during the war. They were easy to make and would keep well for long boat trips. They’re made with coconut, golden syrup, and oats… delicious!

6. Chicken Parmigiana

Although it doesn’t sound very Australian, this is one the most popular Australian foods. Many pubs offer a parma evening where you can get a decently priced chicken parma and a beer. A chicken parma is basically chicken schnitzel with chicken in breadcrumbs, topped with tomato sauce and melted cheese.

7. Fish and Chips

Australians make a great fish and chips. This statement about Fish and Chips will not be believed by most English visitors. It is because Australians are still learning the art of making mushy chips, gravy and mushy peas. The beauty of Australia is that it is almost always surrounded by water, so you can be sure to get fresh fish every time.

8. Pavlova

Both the Kiwis and Aussies have fought for the title of “inventor” of Pavlova, a meringue-based cake that is topped with fruit and whipped cream. The pavlova, regardless of where it came from, is delicious. A Pavlova can usually be found in a Bakery or Cake Shop. They can also be purchased pre-made at most major supermarket chains (check out the frozen dessert or bread section).

9. Beetroot

Because I hate it, I often mutter “Bloody Beetroot” when I travel around Australia. Unfortunately, Aussies often put beetroot in their sandwiches and burgers, on salads, and sometimes on the side. It’s disgusting!

10. Witchetty Grub

A Witchetty Grub is your best bet to get some authentic Aussie Bush Tucker. These tiny guys taste like chicken and have as much protein per serving as a whole piece of steak. These little guys have been eaten by Aboriginal Australians for many years. The nutritional benefits might help to get over the gooey texture.


Australia is synonymous with surfing, good weather, kangaroos, and barbecue. “Throw another shrimp onto the barbie” is a common saying, even though Australians refer to them as prawns. Many Aussies don’t like this phrase, and say it’s another Australian stereotype.

Australian barbecues are typically made with sausages and burgers, steaks, fresh seafood, bread, tomato, or barbecue sauce. Sometimes they include salad, but the main focus is on the meat and fish. Australians can have a barbecue anywhere. Barbeques are available at tourist destinations like beaches by local councils. You just need to clean up after yourself! You can have at least one barbecue per week whether you stay in a hostel, or with locals.

12. Kangaroo

Visitors often take photos of kangaroos jumping around. However, the kangaroo can also be found on restaurant menus and supermarket shelves. Kangaroo, which is a lean red meat, is healthy, and can be prepared in many different ways, including burgers, sausages and steaks. Kangaroo meat was great with a good marinade. It is highly recommended to make a delicious marinade if you only want to have it once.

13. Emu

The Emu, like the Kangaroo can be found on Australia’s Coat of Arms. It might seem strange to eat national emblems, but here you are!


It’s hard to find a place in Australia where you don’t see Barramundi at least once. Barramundi, the Aboriginal name for this sea-bass species found in Australia and the Indo-Pacific, is what you’d see. Barramundi literally means “large-scaled, silver fish”. This fish is a must-try, it’s delicious and very popular.

15. Lamingtons

The Lamington is a very Aussie dish if you love coconut. Lamingtons are basically squares of sponge cake that have been topped with chocolate sauce, raspberry sauce, and then covered in coconut. These were my first choice. I didn’t like the coconut flavor and they seemed disgusting. However, I love them with a cup o’ tea.

16. Avocados

While I love avocados, don’t get me wrong. I also enjoy Guacamole with my nachos. Australians love avocados, especially when they are paired with eggs or breakfast dishes. You can get a side of avocado in most cafes with your scrambled, poached or fried eggs. The avocado may be included in the breakfast menu. For the first time I tried avocado for breakfast. It was smeared on toast with Rocket, Feta, and Tomatoes. It was quite good! It was actually quite delicious!

17. Golden Gaytime

Every Australian loves a Golden Gaytime… but what exactly is it? Golden Gaytime is an ice cream made by Streets, with a familiar logo. It is vanilla and toffee ice-cream that has been dipped into chocolate and covered with biscuit pieces. You can also choose from ‘Unicorn and ‘Pina Colada flavours. Treat yourself or a friend and treat them to a Gaytime. Streets says it’s difficult to have a Gaytime all by yourself.

18. Milo

Milo can be used to sprinkle on cakes or mixed with milk or water to make chocolate drinks. It is now possible to purchase premade milo drinks or other snacks. However, you should always try to get it in the iconic green can. Milo can be found in many countries, but it was invented by an Australian before Nestle began selling it.


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