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How to make the perfect cocktail at home

The best part about a night out with friends is the ability to look at the cocktail menu and decide whether you want to stick to a classic cocktail or try something new. Although cocktails may seem complicated to make, they are incredibly easy to master. Making cocktails is a great way to express creativity, and it’s easy to add your own flair.

Cocktail Essentials

Although you may not yet be a cocktail king, it’s worth pretending until you get it. Bartending is 80% looks and 20% drinks.

We spoke with Lachy Boyle, a bartender at The Black Pearl in Melbourne. She gave us her tips on how to spark your cocktail passion. It’s actually quite simple. You’ll be able impress your friends, loved ones and followers on Instagram by mastering the art of cocktail making with these essential tools.


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1. Shaker of High Quality

There are many options for cocktail shakers. Boyle recommends using two metal tins in a shaker: “This will ensure your ingredients stay cold and less likely to leak out as you shake,” says Boyle. To cool the cocktail, shake it and add dilution. Finally, stir in air. The best way to filter your cocktail into your glass is with a Tea Strainer or Hawthorn.


2. Campari as a base

There are many ingredients to try, but starting with simple recipes can help you to get a feel for how different flavours interact. Boyle says Campari is a good choice because it tastes great with both fruit and bitter flavours. It can also be used in many cocktails that only require a handful of ingredients. For example, take a Negroni. It only has three ingredients and is equal in parts: Campari, Gin, and Vermouth Rosso.


3. Insulated Mixing Glass

The best cocktails can be stirred down with ice, such as the Martini or Negroni. Martini, Negroni or my personal favorite, the Martinez are all great cocktails that can be stirred down. Boyle shared his thoughts about the importance of an insulated mixing glass. “Beyond its aesthetic appearance, the glass must be thick to keep your drink cool when filled up with ice and allow for proper stirring.”


4. For fresh Citrus, use the Elbow Press

Each ingredient makes a difference in a cocktail, and fresh juice is crucial for delicious drinks. Boyle says that the quality of a drink is as important as the quality ingredients. Fresh citrus can help elevate any cocktail. The elbow presses are simple to use and easy to clean. They are a must-have for any cocktail connoisseur.

5. Large Ice

You should invest in moulds that can make thicker, larger cubes. While ice can be a great way to dilute your drink, it can also cause problems with consistency. A large ice cube is a great addition to some cocktails. It not only looks good but also dilutes the drink for optimal flavor. Boyle says Whiskey Rocks is a great investment if you enjoy strong drinks and like to sip.


Your favorite spirits are the most important part of a home bar. Boyles’ favourite spirits include Campari, Gin, Gin, Rum, Campari, Sweet and Dry Vermouth. Boyle says that the fun part of cocktail making is trying out new flavours. Do your research so you can test different combinations until your favorite concoction.


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