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Picnic baskets can be filled with high-quality platters, dips, and pies

It’s now time to pack a picnic for your friends. It’s been so long since we were able to attend so many social events that it feels like we are missing out. So, grab some supermarket cheddar and a few grapes. Well, fret not. There are many ways to turn a picnic into a party.

Sushi and kimbap

Tochi Deli , a Brunswick-based pocket rocket that produces high-quality sashimi and nigiri, is Tochi Deli . Daily specials include creamy lobes made from sea urchins (uni), otoro, and yuzu-scented scallops. You can grab a platter and add salmon onigiri or agedashi tofu to your plate and go wild at the park. They close at noon so make sure you buy before they sell out.

You might also like: Song Bap creates beautiful boxes of kimbap, Korean sushi hand rolls. The team has been away for two months. However, the hand rolls are back! They’re made with lots of pickles, sesame and bulgogi. Wrapped in egg or tofu skins, these platters make a great return.

Vegan dreams

Lona Misa is a plant-based Latin American restaurant that Ian Curley and Shannon Martinez, a vegan chef, have set up at South Yarra’s Ovolo Hotel. It has been properly prepared for the season. You can also rent baskets, plates, and glasses (for your NON caramelised pear sparkling or prosecco) to make some of the most popular and portable dishes at the restaurant, including oyster mushroom “ceviche” with coconut and poblano-pepper dressing, and scoops of salt-baked pumpkin and frijoles (beans).

You might also like Free to Feed’s boxes. These boxes are mainly vegan and include a variety of dairy- and wheat-free dips and falafels. They also have focaccias and goat’s cheese balls. They are also offering four-for-four falafel wrap boxes that you can build yourself.

Bay watch

It’s pie time! Thiago Mateus’ Brazilian side hustle saw the return Samba Empadas . These 1.6kg pies are huge and delicious. They’re filled with spicy shredded chicken, corn and caramelised leeks.

Mateus has made a major change and now they have a new home at Ocean Beach Pavilion, Sorrento. You can also pick up their own bento boxes, sashimi and Japanese cocktails. Mateus also delivers to Portsea and Blairgowrie and drops off pre-ordered empadao at Harry and Larry’s General Store, Footscray.

You might also like: Blakeaway, a Portsea-based pivot of couture caterer Blake’s Feast. It serves everything from chia parfaits, Bannockburn chicken fingers sandwiches, leek & manchego quiche and bao kits, as well as rhubarb margaritas and rhubarb margaritas.

Naan better

Last year’s lockdown was memorable for his Indian feasts, which featured steamed lamb biriyani (duck samosas) and steamed lamb biriyani (steamed lamb biriyani). From now to reopening Sunda chef Nabil Annsari will be making handheld magic. He’ll serve puffy, charred, sourdough bread naans filled with chicken tikka, pickled onions and his vibrant coriander-chutney. You can pick them up at the Cricketer’s Bar in the Hotel Windsor for a Treasury Gardens party.

Place the lobster in a bowl

You can guarantee a frenzy when you combine hot, lobster, and rolls. It’s the same at Melbourne’s French institution France_0_. On Sundays, they offer a limited amount of brioche buns stuffed with hot, chopped buttery lobster. They sell out quickly. For the ultimate party, add Bloody Marys, oysters that have been shucked fresh, terrines, and a Nicoise Salad.

You might also like Northside. Seafood deli The Fishmonger’s Son serves a Saturday special featuring crayfish, prawn and mayo. It is served in Carlton North’s 100 year-old icon Canals. You can also get a very neat sashimi package.

If you’re looking for a more balanced banquet, Tahini Neri is a Melbourne-based nutty sesame paste that uses premium Ethiopian seed. They recently opened a Friday-only shopfront, Neri’s Hummus Bar in Bentleigh East where you can get hummus bowls with pickles, fresh falafel, and warm spiced chickpeas, all for $10.


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